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Ministry of National Infrastructure and Community Development

Road Transport Advisory Board

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The Road Transport Advisory Board has been set up under section 178B of the Road Traffic Act to:

(a) advise the Minister on the formulation of policies on road transport planning,management and economics;

(b) advise the Minister on the overall structure of the bus industry to ensureat all times its financial viability;

(c) advise on the form and level of Government assistance in matters of roadtransport;

(d) make proposals on road transport pricing policies as and when required; and

(e) consider, either on its own or on reference from the Minister, any matteraffecting road transport and to tender advice thereon to the Minister.

The Board consists of :

(a) a Chairman, appointed by the Minister;

(b) a representative of the National Transport Authority;

(c) a representative of the Ministry of Ministry of Public Infrastructure andLand Transport);

(d) a representative of the Ministry of Finance;

(e) a representative of the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development; (nowMinistry of Economic Development, Financial Services and Corporate Affairs);

(f) 2 persons engaged in the road transport industry, appointed by the Minister;

(g) 2 persons with adequate knowledge in road transport and finance, appointedby the Minister; and

(h) 2 other fit and proper persons, appointed by the Minister.