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Ministry of National Infrastructure and Community Development


The MVIAC was established in virtue of Section 68F of the Road Traffic Act to determine disputes arising between two insurers or between a policy holder and an insurer in respect to their respective liabilities and/or in connection with the amount of compensation to be paid following road accidents not involving bodily injuries and where disputes cannot be resolved amicably between parties.
For the purpose of determining applications, the MVIAC sits in Four Divisions each chaired as follows:
1st Division – Chaired by Mr. D. Dodin
2nd Division – Chaired by Mr. S.K. Auchoybur
3rd Division – Chaired by Mr. Z. Nazurally
4th Division – Chaired by Mr. V.S. Rampoortab
Contact Details:
Motor Vehicle Insurance Arbitration Committee
7th Floor, Max City Building
Cr. Louis Pasteur and Remy Ollier Streets,
Port Louis.