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Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport

Project Plan Committee




1.         INTRODUCTION:
The Project Plan Committee was set up in February 2009 to examine and recommend investment projects of above Rs25m for inclusion in the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).
2.         COMPOSITION:
The PPC is chaired by the Permanent Secretary (Public Infrastructure Division) of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport and comprises members from:
(i)         the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development;
(ii)        the Ministry of Housing and Lands;
(iii)       the Ministry of Local Government;
(iv)       the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities; and
(v)        the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management
3.         MANDATE:
            As per its mandate,         
            • the PPC assesses whether project proposals meet the infrastructure needs of the country;           
            • examines  feasibility, costs and benefits of infrastructure project proposals;
            •  makes recommendations on investment projects for inclusion in the project pipeline;
            • examines and reviews project specifications;
            • advises Public Bodies on the appointment of Project Managers; and
            • gives clearances on projects whose pre-tender cost estimates exceed the approved cost estimates by 15%;
The Project Proposal Approval Process is as follows:

Project proposals of above Rs25m should be forwarded to the PPC as per the Project Request Form (PRF) and are evaluated as per the Project Evaluation Criteria of the Investment Project Process Manual (IPPM).  Guidelines on how to fill in the Project Request Form are available here.
NOTE:  Project Request Form in IPPM not to be used
5.        FEEDBACK :
          Applicant organisations are encouraged to provide feedback on the service provided by the PPC by making use of the Customer Feedback Form.  Any complaints can also be forwarded by mail or email to the secretariat.
           The Secretariat is located at the:
                        7th Floor, Max City Building
 Remy Ollier Street
 Port Louis
Contact Details:         
Phone:             217 3415
Fax:                 217 3329