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Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport
Services provided by the Parking Unit

Services provided by the Parking Unit

The Revenue Section acts as a cash office which collects payment for the following services provided by the Ministry:
1. Sale of Parking Coupons
2. Reserved Parking Permits (Processing Fees of Rs 500/- and/or Payment/Renewal of Permits)
3. Fees for lodging applications with the Motor Vehicle Insurance Arbitration Secretariat (Rs 3,000/-) ;  and
4. Fees for appeals made to the Minister (Rs 2,000/-)


The Revenue Section is currently located at:

7th Floor, Max City Building

Corner Remy Ollier and Louis Pasteur Streets

Port Louis

1 Mr Nidesh Rajkoomar Engen Filling Station, Reduit, Moka 4679604
2 Mr Paeray Calcutteea Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, St Jean, Quatre Bornes 4540431 4655815
3 Lancaster & Co. Ltd Shell Filling Station, St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes 4258855
4 Dodo Touring Co. c/o Mr Krissen Ragavoodoo Total Filling Station, St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes 4254242
5 Mr Biswamitra Dookhan Engen Filling Station, La Louise, Quatre Bornes 4241291
6 Mr Parmanand Babajee Shell Filling Station, Paillotte, Quatre Bornes 4273604
7 Mr Oudith Ramdenee Goodwill Service Station (Shell) Jamalac, St Paul Rd, Vacoas 6864756
8 Mr Jamyl Jeerooburkhan Engen Filling Station, Avenue John Kennedy, Vacoas 6964430
9 Mr Kwet Pen Sin Fan Im Total Filling Station, St Paul Rd, Vacoas 6962390
10 Mr Buruthlall Gopaul Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Floreal 6964723
11 Engen Mesnil Engen Filling Station, Curepipe Road, Mesnil 6961085
12 Mr Basdeo Prayag Total Filling Station, Curepipe Rd, Castel 6869645
13 Mr Lim Wei Total Filling Station, Royal Road, Forest Side, Curepipe 6761238
14 Waterlily Service Station Garden St, Curepipe - Engen 6761494
15 Mr Brijmohun Heerasing Shell Filling Station, Sir Wiston Churchill St, Curepipe 6761564 7242453
16 Market Investors Ltd Engen Filling Station, Avenue Swami Sivananda, Jumbo, Phoenix 6970027
17 Shoprite Mauritius Ltd Trianon Shoprite Park Ltd, Trianon 4643000
18 Manager Le Sirashiya Trading c/o Hons Leela D. Dookhun Morcellement Cooperative, Bonne Terre Vacoas 2554070
19 Mr Megduth Seegobin Engen Filling Station, Royal Road, Rose Belle 6274517
20 Mr Voon Sai Voo Shell Filling Station, Plaine Magnien 7526952 6373516
21 Mr Colayah Nunka Jungun Total Filling Station, Mahebourg 6319684
22 Mr Abdool Hamid Sheik Ally Shell Filling Station, Mahebourg 6319595
23 Mr Haroon Rashid Sheik Ally Engen Filling Station, Mahebourg 6319795
24 M Bhanoo Seegobin Engen Filling Station, Plaisance, Mahebourg 6378384
25 Mr Lee Nen That Total Filling Station, Royal Road, Bambous, Medine 4520129
26 Emeralda Service Station Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Palmyre, Bambous Medine 5520497
27 Mr Shridhur Jugarnath Total Filling Station, Royal Road, Surinam 6255672
28 Mr Assen Mohit Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Surinam 6255467 6255818
29 Asic Co. Ltd Total Filling Station, Royal Road, Nouvelle France 6778223
30 Mr Roshan Dinarain  Indian Oil Filling Station, Petite Riviere 2331351
31 Mr Christian de la Frasiere Engen Filling Station, Petite Riviere 2337383
32 Artillery Shell Filling Station, Guy Rozemont Square, Port Louis 2124378
33 Roadway Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Bell Village, P. Louis 2089688
34 Coro Trading Ltd Total Filling Station, Royal Road, La Butte, P. Louis 2122176 7875698 2515525
35 S & T 3 Eight Total Filling Station, Labourdonnais St, Port Louis 2125292
36 Labourdonnais Service Ltd Shell Filling Station, Labourdonnais St, Port Louis 2121596
37 Mrs Edward Taikie Total Filling Station, Plaine Verte, Port Louis 2400827
38 B. Cadamally & Co. Ltd Shell Filling Station, SSR St, Plaine Verte, P. Louis 2403345 7775000
39 Mr Manivasagan Arnasalat Pather Bonanza Bookshop, Cnr, Sir Virgil Naz/ Mgr Gonin St, P. Louis 2085179
40 Mr Roopchand Rughooputh Shell Lataniers Service Station, M2 Motor Way, Roche Bois, P. Louis 2406833
41 Manager, University Bookshop Desforges St, Port Louis 2120754
42 Manager, Total Mauritius Ltd Chaussee Tromlin, P. Louis (Five outlets)  
43 Corner House Ltd Cnr Royal/ Bourbon St, Port Louis 2082406
44 Mr Giandev Bickharry Indian Oil Filling Station, Royal Road, Brisee Verdiere 4185567
45 Mrs Lalita Sajadah Shell Filing Station, Royal Road, Brisee Verdiere 4183995 4186363
46 Mr Deepnarain Madhub Engen Filling Station, St Ursule, Flacq 4132632
47 Mrs Momtee Beeharry Total Filling Station, Boulet Rouge 4131715 4131321
48 Le Verger Ltd Indian Oil Filling Station, Boulet Blanc, Flacq 7876555
49 H.K Kathapermal  Shell Filling Station, Camp de Masque 7612407 4166030
50 Mr Beenassraj Peryagh Shell Filling Station, Quartier Militaire 4355124
51 Societe Mahadeea & Cie Engen Filling Station, Quartier Militaire 4355529 2572159
52 Mr Hassenjee Mudhoo Shell Filling Station, St Pierre 2121740 4334272
53 Mr Ah King Shell Filling Station, Telfair, Moka 7689331 4334057
54 Mr Newaj Dhananjaye Shell Filling Station, Montagne Blanche 4375092 4375298
55 Mr Surindhur Woodhoo (T. Rouge Star Sev Station) Engen Filling Station, Royal Road, Terre Rouge 2480051
56 Mr Leckraj Ajodhea Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Long Mountain 2452596
57 Mr Dharamraj Ajodhea Shell Filling Station, Pamplemousses 2433647
58 Mr Haldarowa Ghananund Shell Filling Station, Riviere du Rempart 7507251 4127621
59 Mr Kaviraj Sookhee  Total Filling Station, Solitude, Triolet 2617046
60 Mrs Joseline Distraoult Total Filling Station, Mon Choisy Rd, Mon Choisy 5050172
61 Mr Jayraj Jayram Poudre D'or Hamlet, L'Esperance 2649530
62 Societe Ng Wong, Hing Co. Ltd Engen Filling Station, Belle Etoile, Coromandel 2335126
63 Lim Poo Chiao Total Filling Station, Royal Road, Beau Bassin 4548790
64 Mr T S Chung Ping Man Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Beau Bassin 4640965
65 Engen Roche Brune Engen Filling Station, Hugnin Road, Roche Brunes, Rose Hill 4653188
66 Mr Pravin Sookhee Total Filling Station, Ambrose, Rose Hill 4642674
67 Mr N. A Sunnassee Shell Filling Station, Royal Road, Rose Hill 4641687
68 Mr Ally Soumauroo Total Filling Station, Royal Road, Rose Hill 4664308 57214786
69 Mrs Lasmisooboo Appanah Shell Filling Station (Souvenir), Boundary Road, Rose Hill 4646747
70 Mr Oudhoojee Dawaking Engen Filling Station, Avenue Ollier, Quatre Bornes 4641674
71 Mr Dass Seetapah Indian Oil La Vigie 2929506 9110578
72 Mr A. Kawol Total Filling Station St Julien D'Hotman 4165751 7980117
73 La Preneuse Star Engen Filling Station, La Preneuse 4835514
74 AA Supplies Co. Ltd Total Filling Station, Nicolay Rd, Port Louis 2125922 7578945
75 HRP Group Ltd Indian Oil, Calebasses 2438252 7194546
76 NTA NTA, Cassis 2022800
77 Petrodis Ltd Engen Filling Station, Beau Bassin 4660229 52540383
78 Barin Co Ltd Shell Filling Station, Reduit Road, Ebene 4646765
79 Les Copains La Chaussee St, Port Louis 2123256
80 Al Madina Snack Remy Ollier St, Port Louis 2105858
81 Crystal Snack La Reine St, Port Louis 2428676
82 Cartridge Refill Expert Ltd 17 Jemmapes St, Port Louis  
83 Magasin Getsmart 38, Joseph Riviere St, Port Louis 2170738 57641987
84 Goodluck Prime Agency Sir Virgil Naz St, Port Louis  
85 SPL Ltd Cnr Edith Cavell St & Mere Barthelemy St, Port Louis 2129559
86 Magasin Regionale 67, Royal Road, Beau Bassin  
87 Westpoint Co. Ltd 8, Eugene Laurent St, Port Louis 52915318
88 Cyril Trading 42, Seeneevassen St, Port Louis  
89 Magasin Charlie 39, Remy Ollier St, Port Louis  
90 Doorgah Trading Co. Ltd 1, Joseph Riviere St, Port Louis  
91 Sew Sen Lee 23, Leoville L'Homme St, Port Louis 2422549
92 Berney Shop 26, St Georges St, Port Louis  
93 Kwan Pang Brothers Ltd 8, Corderie St, Port Louis 2085337
94 Magic Shop Ltd 25, Sir Virgil Naz St, Port Louis  
95 Golden Hill Ltd 24, Queen St, Port Louis 2087604
96 Golden Wok Snack 30, Queen St, Port Louis  
97 ASR Energy Ltd Engen Filling Station, Rose Hill  
98 New Ways Ltd  Engen La Croisette, Avenue Leclezio, Moka 6704530
99 Le Cube Papeterie Ltee c/o Mr Vishnu Appadoo 9A, Randerra Building, Sir Virgil Naz Str, Port Louis  
100 Total Beau Bassin Cnr Royal and Dumat Sts, Beau Bassin 4672501
101 Sapling Co. Ltd c/o Mr Siddarth Seekun Shell Arsenal, Royal Road, Arsenal  
102 City Parade Shop c/o Mr Rashid Peerbacus Maxcity Tower, Louis Pasteur St, Port Louis  
103 Mr Mohun Ramkhalawon New Grove Shell Service Station, Royal Road, New Grove  
104 Himax Properties Ltd  c/o Mr Khaidu Prakash Shell Beau Climat Service Station, Royal Road, Beau Climat  
105 Mr Indur Dayanidhi Royal Road, Triolet  
106 Le Bouquin c/o Mrs Azmi Korimbaccus  Place Margeot, Rose Hill  
107 Mrs Hemwantee Nundalalee Adamel House Ltd, Viva Centre, 5 Lord Kitchener St, Port Louis  
108 Mr Phat Lann li Ying 32, Rte Bassin, Le Cornu, Ste Croix  
109 Mr Kung Kwun C. Ah-Nee c/o Magasin Ah Nee 19, Leoville L'Homme St, Port Louis  
110 Mr Nadim Husnoo c/o Marchandise Generale 45, Sir Abdool Razack Mohammed St, Port Louis  
111 The Director, Glossal Holdings Ltd c/o Mrs S. Rossenkhan    
112 Mr Bivakanand Balgobin Engen Abercrombie Service Station, 142 Route des Pamplemousses, Ste Croix  
113 Reemag Collections Ltd c/o Mrs Selvanaigee Umanee 23, Imp Eugene Laurent, Port Louis 2136712  54483742
114 Texas Shop c/o Mr Govind Valaydon Royal Road, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge  
115 The Director, Lucky Star c/o Mr Nasser Dil Hossain Ground Floor, NPF Building Pope Hennessy Street, Port Louis 2119461
116 Mr Muhammad Samir Khan Doomun 32, KJW Lane, Le Hochet, Terre Rouge  
117 JMPI stationary shop c/o Mr Jean Marc Iyanasee Panorama Lane, Coromandel 57148736
118 Central Studio c/o Mr Wong Tien Hing Victoria Square, Port Louis  
119 Soo Hon Wah ltd 29, Leoville L'homme, Port Louis 2170738 57641987
120 JS Footwear Ltd c/o Mr Anwar Pokun  46, Royal Road, Port Louis  
121 R.V.S Seven Hills Ltd c/o Mr Dass Seerapah Indian Oil filling Station, Royal Road, Verdun  
122 Too Heng Kwee & Cie  c/o Mr Fon Cheong To Lean Voon Too Heng Kwee Corner Remy Ollier & Emmanuel Anquetil Streets, Shop 2, Ollier Plaza, Port Louis  
123 RJ Trading c/o Mr Chan Shum Hang Chan Wai Kieng Heritage Court Building 18, Arsenal Street, Port-Louis 2170187
124 Li Chen Hok Bros & Co 30, SSR Street, Port-Louis  
125 Student Shop c/o Mr M.R.Bheekhun 16, Alma Street, Vallee Pitot, Port Louis  
126 Club Multimedia Ltee 36, Seeneevassen Street, Port Louis  2413635
127 King's Cold Store c/o Mr Joseph Foon Ng Cheong Sang Dr Ferriere Street, Curepipe 57618040 57587249
128 Editions Le Printemps ltee c/o Mrs. W. A. Sulliman 4 Club Road, Vacoas 6961017
129 Café Express c/o Mr Sam Foh Regis  69, Salaffa Building, Curepipe  
130 Mr Anwar Soomauroo Total Filling Station, Mont Ida. Royal Road, Mont Ida 4169073
131 Librairie Bourbon c/o Mrs Monique Allagapen Bourdon Street, Port Louis 2121467
132 Mrs Fawzia Bhoyroo 19, SSR Street, Port Louis 57312953
133 Ritz Boutik c/o Mr Lo Quun Chong  Chasteauneuf Street, Curepipe 57606973 6746924
134 Telfair Shop c/o Mr Manugareen Pavadey EDC No 8, Telfair, Moka 57651589
135 Proper Petrol Co ltd, Total Curepipe  Cr Sir William Newton & Leoville Homme Streets, Port Louis 2117402 2131000
136 Mr Johann Montezuma Engen Curepipe, Impasse Coombes, Royal Road, Curepipe 58407314
137 Mr Narendra  Kumar Rambribhh Indian Oil Filling Stations, Terre Rouge (St Josept) 2493481 57731423 52545319
138 Sigway Ltd c/o Mr Seegobin Indian Oil Filling Station, Terre Rouge (Motorway) 2492905 57761800
139 Chinese Rendez Vous c/o Mr Foo Soon Tian Paul Harold Foo Tam Fong 32 Pope Hennessy Street, Port Louis 2085141
140  Mr Imran Seedat Engen Plaine verte, 1 Noor E Islam Street, Port Louis 2170915
141 Chan & Chan co ltd 27, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis  
142 Lam Chan Kee Bros 54 Royal Street, Port Louis NULLIFIED ON 07/09/2018
143 Mr Li Van Fat Li Chit Khim (Club Selection) 28, Dr Sun Yat Sen Street. Port Louis 57683788
144 Mrs Naseemah B Beeharry Arcades Tulsidas, 30 SSR Street, Port Louis  
145 Hou Trading 41, Queen Street, Port Louis 2407240
146 Mr Ibrahim Aubdoollah 8, Sir Virgil Naz St, Port Louis 5925 5798
147 Kenho Ltd (Mr Izzatdeen Hobass) Place Margeot, Rose Hill 454 0343
148 Mr Yeung Men Kow(Magasin Faucon D'Or) 27, Remy Ollier Street, Port Louis 241 1646
149 Mr Kamal Kumar Granth Rai 19, Chasteauneuf Steet, Beau Bassin 57196747
150 Mr B. Goolaub (Owner Pelican) Corner Seeneevassen and Remy Ollier Streets, Port Louis 208 2241
151 Mr Lung Wah Chong Chee Chung (Societe Lung Wah Chong at Cie) 18, Lord Kitchener Street, Port Louis  
152 Marie Joelle Ng Kwet Shing Le Crack Ltee, Place Margeot, Rose Hill 454 7928/ 57163838
153 Ghoora Mahamad Nazim  38, Rue Alma, Vallee Pitot, Port Louis  
154 Mr Kwet Foong Lew Kiong Fah Tastea Bubbletea Shop, Corner 8 Emmanuel Anquetil & 52 Queen Street Port Louis 2168899
155 Mr Vinay Ramjug R+Xtra Miles Ltd, Old Flacq Road, Ilot, D'Epinay 4894408/52592905
156 Mrs Marie Anne Josseline
Mont Choisy Store Royal Road Mont Choisy  2657434
157 Mr C.Awotarsing
c/o Goodluck Agency Ltd
Sir Virgil Naz St, Port Louis  
158 Mrs Nirmala Latcheman Ink & Stationery Mart Ltd, 20 Le Dauphin Building Poudriere Street Port Louis 2137136
159 Mr Eric TIOU FAT
c/o Era Photo Cine House Ltd 
Sir Celicourt Antelme Street, Port Louis 2120171
160 Mr Karl Chan Tsun Ching
c/o Societe Heritiers Chan Tsun Ching
19, Leoville L'homme street, Port Louis 240 0067
161 Alex Office Services Ltd 20, Edith Cavell street, Port Louis 213 6275
162 Mr Abdool Nizam DEEDA
c/o Deedar Trading Co Ltd 
10, Chaussee Street, Port Louis 57613266
163 Mr Kwet Shing Pong ON SHOW
c/o New Hong Kong Tabajie
102, Arcade Salaffa, Curepipe  
164 Mr M.U. Quayyam Annowar                    c/o Quick Solution Ltd 50, Dr Hassen Sakir Street, Port Louis 242 2343/59650068
165 Mr Dharman Vytellingum                          c/o Newton Boutik North Underpass, Waterfront, Port Louis 52514840